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Coral Gables Senior High School, part of the Miami-Dade County Public School System, is well known for its outstanding accomplishments in academics, athletics, activities, and service.  It is located at the corner of LeJeune and Bird Road, in the center of the City of Coral Gables.

Coral Gables Senior High School opened its doors in 1950 and its architectural design reflects a Spanish influence with its open courtyards adorned with water fountains.  Over the years new buildings have been added to its 26-acre campus -- most recently a new state-of-the-art three-floor building.

Coral Gables High School has a multi-ethnic student population numbering over 3,300 and reflecting the ethnic diversity of Miami-Dade County.  Its student body consists of 80 percent Hispanic, 8 percent White, Non-Hispanic, 10 percent African-American, and 2 percent Asian, Native American or Multiracial.  The student attendance rate is 94.17 percent.

The school is committed to serving its students and community.  At Coral Gables Senior High School 52.2 percent of the population receives free or reduced lunch.  Based on the 2006-2007 school year, 1,842 were on free or reduced lunch status.  In addition to the regular academic track, there are three other significant bodies of students.  There are a total of 478 students for whom English is a second language and 375 students who participate in the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program.  The International Baccalaureate program, the magnet program offered at Gables, serves 484 students residing throughout the county.

Currently Coral Gables Senior High school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). The instructional faculty is comprised of 165 teachers. 39 percent of the faculty have Master's degrees, 11 percent hold Specialist degrees, and 3 percent of the faculty have earned Doctorate degrees.  Recently, Coral Gables High School was one of only twelve high schools in the nation to win the Siemens Foundation's Award for Advanced Placement.

Photo: CGHS Campus, 1950 Coral Gables High School, 1950
Photo: CGHS Campus, 2000 Coral Gables High School, 2000
New building under construction, 2004
New building, 2005


Coral Gables Senior High
450 Bird Road
Coral Gables, Florida


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