Coral Gables High School  450 Bird Road, Coral Gables, Florida  33146  (305) 443-4871
Academy of Hospitality, Education, and Design  







Academy Counselor: A. del Castillo (A-F)
Academy Counselor: S. Benard (G-K)

Academy Counselor: S. Ortega (L-Z)

Academy Leader: A. Monzon

Academy Administrator:

Academy Pathways:


The academy prepares students with requisite knowledge and the skills for successful careers either in hospitality, education or design. In culinary arts, students work under a certified chef to prepare for a career in the world's largest industry. As students build skills in food preparation and management, they develop competency in the elements of design. Education students in the Early Childhood Education program apply their knowledge and skills by infusing a high scope curriculum for preschoolers and managing the daily operations of a full service preschool facility. They graduate with both the experience and ability to go directly into the work world. Student enrolled in the design pathways will be exposed to both the fashion world and that of interior design.




Academy of Hospitality, Education, and Design

Coral Gables Senior High
450 Bird Road
Coral Gables, Florida


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