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I know that the only person that can stop me is me.  That I control every decision that I make in this life.

 I know that being a person with character is the best way to guarantee myself a great future. 

 I know that I ALWAYS get what I deserve, because I deserve what I put MORE than ENOUGH WORK in for! 

 I know players that make smart decisions in the classroom, make smart decisions on the field.  Therefore I am determined to educate myself. 

I know that NOTHING  in this world is free, that I will have to  WORK  HARD for all that I want and more.

  I know that failure, when combined with determination, ALWAYS  eventually leads to growth and success.

I know that Coral Gables Football is bigger than me that I represent any and all Cavalier's that have ever played here. 

 I know that by my actions, I have the power to make my family, my teachers, my community, this city PROUD! 

I know that I believe in myself because I believe in Coral Gables Football, and I believe in Coral Gables Football, because I believe in  myself


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