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Mission Statement:

To ensure that any athlete that comes through this program is instilled with a GREATER, STRONGER, and UNDENIABLE sense of belief in self. The staff is committed to teaching, inspiring, motivating, and empowering the team by helping players understand what carrying themselves with integrity, class and character truly is.


Vision Statement:

All players will understand that this is a practical world. That the only things they can truly count on, are the things that they earn through dedication, determination, perseverance, and commitment. Because of the belief of these core values, it is our vision that every Cavalier believes in HARD WORK.


Our Philosophy:

The player that walks into our program will not be the same that exit; all we are is what we know. The main objective is to teach players how to set goals and objectives so they can effectively and efficiently chase their dreams. Football and/or athletics in general are only multipliers: Catalyst's that our kids, our future, should use to help them strive for more academically.


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