An overview of Bodas De Sangre

The tragic story of Bodas De Sangre written by the Spanish poet/writer Federico García Lorca has been on our minds, (Ms. Freijo's 5th. Period Spanish Honors class) as one of the most powerful stories ever written in Spanish and even English literatures. This tragic story has a controlled variation of literary terms that vary from metaphors to love triangles.

During a period of approximately three to four weeks, all our fifth period Spanish-S III Honors class (along with our teacher, Ms.Freijo) did was to analyze and critique each and every word and phrase belonging to this unique literary piece.

Some examples of what García Lorca incorporated in his book were 3 literary movements, these being the naturalist, surrealist, and magical realism movements. These movements were so well established that analyzing the book in class was a must. The story is also rich in a variety of other literary techniques; amongst these are metaphors, similes, the power of nature, symbolism, and an array of meaningful colors. Everything, even the page listing the names of the characters had some explanation or meaning to it.

The analytical devotion that we as a class showed was very helpful, assembling different opinions and ideas scattered throughout the classroom into one ultimate thought. Over and over the story holds very strong scenes where the "Novia" and "Leonardo" (the protagonist and her ex-boyfriend) are confronted. The story even gives meaning to family members that have passed away and even to the moon. Federico García Lorca used his creative literary expertise to give Bodas De Sangre the recognition it deserves, and we, as a class, classify it as a literary masterpiece.

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