English and American Historians

Icon by Carlos LunaThere is much trivia as to what really went on in Germany before, during and after the Second World War; according most historians of these nationalities. To some it is a justifiably insulting action, the fact that there is little or no information given in their accounts about just what happened during this era. To others it is an understandable, although hindering question of their personal lifestyles and upbringing. After all, every interpretation is written with at least some bias towards individual thoughts and views.

Ideally, the history of the Holocaust, however compactly composed, should consist of three fundamental components: (1) an exposition of how and by whom the European Jews were annihilated; (2) an explanation of why they were annihilated, with reference to the history of anti-Semitism; and (3) an appropriated account of their history before the rise of Hitler. To be sure, few textbooks do justice-or partial justice-to the subject, but there are some (Dawidowicz 25.)
Commandant of death camp among his victims' corpses.

SS officer Eichelsdoerfer, the commandant of the Kaufering IV concentration camp,
stands among the corpses of prisoners killed in his camp.
Photo from USHMM Archives

This is true to a great extent and therefore reflects directly upon the fact that the history, from ancient times onwards is that of the Christians. The writing of history has always or nearly always relied on the support of the church. Throughout the Middle Ages, the entire history of Europe was written by the grace of the monks in sinister, isolated monasteries.
Ever since the Church triumphed over the Synagogue, the Church determined the place of the Jews in history, if indeed they were to have a place at all(Dawidowicz 26.)

These Invisible Jews were made so eternally and remained in this position throughout history even during the Holocaust. This may be the reason nothing was done during the horrendous actions of mass-murder were taking place. The Jews were seen as second-class citizens by the Germans only because they had perceived that way for centuries. Anti-Semitism is the main factor for these atrocities and it did not begin with Hitler. There had been a long past of it evident in Germany and throughout Europe as well.

It is a commonplace observation that Anglo-American political traditions, compounded of liberalism, libertarianism, utilitarianism, and pragmatism, are at complete variance with the political ideologies of communism, fascism, and Nazism (Dawidowicz 29.)

These complete opposite ways of thinking therefore make it nearly impossible to examine such things in their entirety. It is also true that it is ironic that the Americans and the British speak so little about such happenings when they fought against these deeds in the same war.