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The Jewish Question asks how to get rid of the Jews ? Hitler's answer to the Jewish Question was the Final Solution. However, Hitler's strong hatred of the Jews is obvious from the way he viewed humans (July, 1925 - Hitler's Book Mein Kampf Published). It is also believed by some that Hitler suffered from a sickness caused by the disintegrating disease of syphilis (Why Did Hitler Kill the Jews?). However, Hitler's physician does not mention syphilis when discussing Hitler's medical records.

In Mein Kampf, Hitler describes how he views the humans and ranks them from top to bottom, by their appearance. According to Hitler, the top race, ‹bermenschen, is the Aryan race, which has fair skin, blond hair, and blue eyes. The race that the bottom, Untermenschen, are the Jew, Slavics, Czechs, Poles, Russians. Hitler believes that the Aryan are supreme race because results of art, science, and technology are their products. Hitler believes that the lower race can survive under the rule of the superior race, however Hitler believes that the Jews are involved in conspiracy, which does not allow the superior race to rule. Hitler also gives reasons for military conquests, because the Aryans are allowed to acquire more land space, Lebensraum.

Nazi Propaganda Poster

Nazi propaganda poster.

Hitler's physician, Dr. Morrell, allegedly claimed that Hitler was infected with syphilis in 1908. Many years later, once the syphilis became active, it must have led to the infection of the brain. This infection of the brain leads to "sick, compulsive mind, living in his own distorted world," which Hitler had. An example of how sick his mind was, is that Hitler tried to create his own world through his own image, like how God created man.

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