Survivors Speak 

On March 14, 1997, survivors of the Holocaust, members of the Holocaust Documentation Project, visited Mr. Blackmon's International Baccalaureate Contemporary History Class at Coral Gables Senior High School. The accompanying JavaŽ applet plays a streaming audio file of the account of Leo Shniderman's days in Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz and several other locations before the Allies liberated them in July, 1945. 

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click on the image to view Quicktime movie of survivor Leo Shniderman testimony.

Sabina Frydman testimony on her internment in concentration camp. For high-bandwidth connections.



Java application for audio interview of Leo Shniderman. For low-bandwidth connections

Mr. Shniderman is miked for the video documentation. 


Sabina Freydman gives the class her recollection of the Holocaust. 


Another survivor tells of his experiences under Nazi terror. 


Mr. Shniderman explains the Wanasee Protocols to another group of history students. 


Sabina tells of the last time she saw her mother at Treblinka in 1940. 


Mr. Blackmon speaks to a member of the Holocaust Documentation Project outside the television studio.