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Lublin-Majdanek Camp

John Barrett
Francis Garcia-Pages
Txikia Hernández-Morales
Jesus Miguelez

Knowledge in Depth
Staff Organization of the Lublin-Majdanek Camp

The Lublin-Majdanek camp staff was organized under the jurisdiction of the SS Economic- Administrative Main Office (WVHA) which was headed by Oswald Pohl.  Majdanek was assigned five different commandants during its existence, all of these commandants having had previous leadership positions in previous camps. 

 Commandant:         Previous Camp              Date:
 Karl Otto Koch          Buchenwald              1941-1942
 Max Koegel               Ravensbruck             1942
 Martin Weiss              Dachau                     1942-1943
Arthur Liebehenshel     Auschwitz                 1943 - 1944

Under these commandants, six divisions of SS men in charge of specific tasks maintained the camp's order.

 Camp Division: Division Task:

 Camp Command
-In charge of the SS correspondence
-In charge of SS personnel affairs

 Political Division 
  -In charge of prisoners' affairs, especially of POW and political prisoners' affairs
  -In charge of questioning political prisoners.

Prisoner's Camp Division
-In charge of camp "labor and living conditions"
-In charge of labor employer relations
-In charge of the administration of supplies and of the disciplinary
measures of inmates

Administration Division

-In charge of SS living conditions, also handled non-labor
prisoner activities and camp conditions
 -In charge of hygiene facilities (baths, installation of
sewage pipes) and food
 -In charge of mass-murder facilities within the camp and 
 -In charge of the collection of prisoner property before
and after their deaths
 -In charge of the order of supplies from food to gas

Camp Medical Unit

>-In charge of medical epidemics within the camp
 -In charge of "selections", under which prisoners
medically unfit to work were killed

Propaganda and Education

-In charge of "ideological and political education for
the camp's SS men"

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