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The Charges

The charges against the accused were four basic ones. These included: “conspiring to engage in the other 3 accounts,” “crimes against peace,” “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity.”
“Conspiring to engage in the other 3 accounts” included for all the defendants any and all participation in any way to the war machine of Germany. Wethener financial, physical, or ideological all members were indicted under this account.
“Crimes against peace” was the planning and pre-party of aggressive war. This also included any financial, physical, or ideological attempt to wage war. The leadership of the country as well as the armed forces and the finance, there of made this charge also valid to all of the defendants. (Smith, K.)
“War Crimes” included violations of the law of war (which is stupid because realistically in war, there are no rules.) The shooting of POW’s, the forced labor of POW’s as well as waging undeclared war, were included in these charges.
“Crimes against Humanities” included violations of human rights. This charge included the enslaving of civilians and POW’s. It included deportations and involuntary relocations of people. It also included the death and labor camps and the maltreatment of the Jews, Savs, Gypsies and all the Nazis labeled “Undesirables.” (McVay)