The Significance For Our Time

The significance of the Nuremberg trials is a topic of opinion which should be left up to the person studying it. However, certain points did come from the trials which are undeniable. (Lonof, 128). From the Nuremberg trials, it was made clear that crimes against peace, crimes against humanity and crimes which will not be tolerated. It was made clear that every person reasonable for the involvement in these actions will pay. It was made clear nations will not turn around and do nothing because of borders or boundaries. It was made clear justice will be served in all scales.
In addition to this, the trials made clear that the Holocaust was not fiction. It was made clear it was there and that it would be punished. It made clear that blaming a superior for criminal actions would not be good enough. People would be tried for their actions and although their stimulus would be considered, it would be no excuse for violating human rights and laws. Of course the trials set the standard for other trials. Trials such as the Japanese war trials and others. It set the law, the standard and example for the future.

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