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Coral Gables Senior High
Library Media Center
Library Media Center Policies and Procedures for Teachers


Reserving the Media Center
  • Teachers can refer to the media center's "Reservations" page to determine when the media center is available.
    (Please be aware that all scheduling is subject to change.)
  • Please see Ms. Heinze to reserve the media center for classes or meetings and for collaborative planning.
  • To reserve the CLINCS room, please see Ms. Heinze.
    (Be advised that not all periods are available and that all scheduling is subject to change.)



Sending students to the Library Media Center
  • We encourage teachers to send up to five students from their classes at a time.  
  • Please remember to give each student his/her own pass.
  • The media center only accepts the M-DCPS YELLOW HALL PASS



Audio-Visual Equipment
  • The AV department is open between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
  • All AV must be checked out through the circulation system.
  • Only faculty and staff may check out AV equipment.
    (Substitutes are not allowed to check out equipment. Teachers who plan to use AV equipment when absent should make arrangements with another teacher.)
  • If possible, teachers should reserve AV equipment a least 24 hours in advance to help ensure availability.
  • If a video or DVD  is not school or District-owned, an "Approval for Use of Non-M-DCPS Video" form must be completed and signed by the Dep't Head, as well as the APC, and then returned to the AV Department.
  • If you would like your class to be videotaped, please see Nicole Moz, the TV production teacher, nmunoz@dadeschools.net 
  • Camcorders are available for student projects.  However, camcorders are checked out to the teachers rather than the students.  Please see Mr. Bryant to arrange this.
  • Laminating is done daily.  There is a 24-hour turnaround period on items.  Please see Mrs. Heinze for laminating.  



TRC Printouts
  • Only teachers may pick up printouts in the TRC. (Please do not send students to the TRC.  This is an area reserved for teachers.)



Student Access to the Media Center
  • Students must visibly wear their I.D.'s  and be in school uniform to enter the media center.
  • Students must have hall passes to enter the media center during classes.  Only official yellow hall passes will be accepted.



Last updated August 22, 2006