Information about Animals in Your Biotic Community

     Plants are not the only organisms that live in your biotic community.  Animals live there too.  The animals that you find in your community will range from small worms and arthropods to larger animals like reptiles, birds or even mammals.  These animals also fall into different categories, depending on what they eat.  Animals that eat plants are called primary consumers, or herbivores.  Animals that eat other animals are called secondary consumers, or carnivores, or sometimes predators.  Some animals even eat dead plants and animals and are called scavengers.   Finding these animals can be an adventure.  Unlike the plants, most of the animals in your community are hard to see.  They are hiding from you and from each other.  Animals are also competing with each other for their basic needs, like food and shelter.  For these reasons, animals can be found in almost every place in your biotic community.  Animals that fly, like birds and insects, are not too difficult to find.  Locating other animals may require a little hunting.  The good news is that an animal usually chooses one type of home to live in.  The home it chooses will meet its individual needs.  It will be a place where they can find food.  It can be a place where they can find protection from predators.   So if you know where to look you will be able to find the animals.  Animals that you see moving around during the day are called diurnal.  Some animals sleep during the day and are awake and moving around at night.  These are called nocturnal.  Nocturnal animals will most certainly be hidden from view.  These will require the most hunting.  Knowledge about the needs and habits of the animals will help you locate them in your biotic community.