Information about plant diversity

     If you ate the same meal for dinner every night, you would soon get bored.  If you ate a different meal each night, that might be more interesting.  If you went to a biotic community and found only one kind of tree and one kind of animal living there, you might find that boring too.  The more kinds of animals and plants you see, the more interesting the community would be.  This would be an example of diversity.  Diversity is a measure of the number of different species that live in a biotic community. A forest that grows where it is cold and snowy may have many pine trees living there.  But other types of plants would not be able to live in that cold temperature.  This forest would not be considered diverse, since only a few types of organisms live there.  Along the equator in the tropical regions of the earth, conditions are much more favorable for plants and also animals.  This is where rainforests are found.  A rainforest has the most number of different types of plants and animals of any land area. A rainforest is an example of a diverse community.  A small area of the rainforest may have hundreds of different species of plants and animals.  How diverse is your biotic community? Which biotic community in South Florida is the most diverse? We hope to answer these questions with your data.