Information about naming Your Biotic Community

     Plants are the most important organisms in your biotic community.  All of the other organisms depend on them for food.  Plants are also the most abundant organism in your biotic community.  For these reasons, most biotic communities are named for the dominant plant that lives there.  For example, a pineland is a biotic community. The pine is the dominant tree.  A hardwood hammock is a biotic community also.  It is named after the hardwood trees that dominate the community.  What type of plant do you think is dominant in a grassland?  Find out which species of tree in your biotic community is the most dominant.  The dominant tree species takes up the most area of the community. The area is the amount of space that the trees take up.  The space that the trees take up is determined by how much living material the trees have produced in their lifetime.  In trees, most of this material becomes what we call wood.  It takes a lot of wood to make a tree. The larger the tree, the more wood it has produced.  The wood and the rest of the tree's weight is called its biomass.  Why is biomass important?  The more biomass the trees have, the more energy they have used to produce it.  In other words, the dominant tree uses the most energy, the most raw materials, and produces the most biomass of all of the organisms in the community.  That's what determines the dominant plant, and why biotic communities are named after them.