Information about your rock foundation

     South Florida is a recent addition to the terrestrial realm.  Thousands of years ago, the ground that you are standing on was the shallow bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.  In some places, coral reefs grew.  In other places sand and rocks formed the bottom.  In still other places, tiny particles of limestone called ooids were formed.  As the centuries passed,  the level of the ocean fell.  The level of the ocean went down.  What used to be the ocean floor became dry land.  By looking at the rock below your feet, you can tell what type of ocean floor it used to be.  The rock foundation of the biotic community is like a time capsule.  It tells you what the area was like thousands or even millions of years ago.

    If you are really lucky, your biotic community has been saved from heavy machinery.  If so, the rock foundation could be in the form of pinnacle rock.  Pinnacle rock formed after the limestone became dry land.  Over the centuries, rain mixed with decaying plants. This caused limestone to dissolve and form deep holes.  Sometimes you can find these holes filled with water, or soil or mud.  Unfortunately, heavy machinery such as tractors or rucks have driven over much of the pinnacle rock.  These areas will have had their pinnacle rock flattened.