1. Slave religion-the beliefs, religious faith, and practices of Africans brought to the New World beginning in 1619 and that African Americans kept until they were emancipated.
2. Great Awakening-emphasized conversion of the heart, encouraged overjoyed body expressions, and required a simple confession of Jesus Christ's lordship.
3. Discourse of solidarity-term meaning that the slaves would never tell on each other.
4. Invisible Institution-meant that slaves would conduct secret prayer far away from their masters.
Allowance: limited share
Vitamin deficiency: lack of vitamins
Malnutrition: poorly nourished condition
Ration: fixes allowance of food
QUARTERS: household; residence
OVERSEER: foreman; director; manager
Pater familias: sole father of a slave family; slaveholder
skein: continuous strand coiled in a bundle
oshaburgs: cotton garments
Frederick Douglass: exslave, abolitionist