Section Review 
                  Identify the following in short answers: 
                             1.  Sojourner Truth 
                             2.  Harriet Tubman 
                             3.  Lecretia Mott 
                             4.  Abby Kelly 
                             5.  Sarah Parker Remond 
                 Answer the following in short essay/answer form. 
                        1.  Name at least five female members of the American                Anti-Slavery Society. 
                        2.  Explain the role Isabella Baumfree played in the anti-slavery movement. 
                        3.  Who took up “the cause of God and the cause of freedom”? 
                        4.  What occurred with the idea of women entering the American Anti-Slavery Society? 
                        5.  What was the difference between the black female abolitionists and white suffragettes? 
                        6.  Name two women who opened schools for black students. 
                        7.  Why did Harriet Tubman return to the south nineteen times although there was $40,000 in rewards for her capture? 

Essay Question 
 Analyze the risks women in the anti-slavery movement took.  Identify at least two women who took this risk.