Section Review


Were Fogel and Engerman defenders, or critics of slavery?

Did Fogel and Engerman believe that unfree slaves worked more or less efficiently than the Northern industrial workers?

Why did Fogel and Engerman put forth so much regard towards the debate over labor management?

How did Fogel and Engerman describe the labor force of the black, unfree, slaves?

What was the man’s name whom Fogel and Engerman so highly disagreed with, as far as his interpretation of the slavery institution, and why did they disagree with his interpretation?

Contrast the opinions of the critics and the defenders of slavery.

To what did Fogel and Engerman attribute the false stereotypes of those opposing slavery?



1) Write an essay on your opinion as to whether or not slavery was a prosperous institution that initiated present days’ high level of technology. Explain whether or not you believe that there could have been a better way to reach today’s technology, in the same amount of time, but without holding unfree slaves, and why that way would have worked better.