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Nat Turner:

Nat Turner was born on the property of Benj. Turner. As a toddler, he had a duty to play with the white children until about the age of five. When a child he told stories of how he was a prophet, which grew an audience. He thought this because since his birth his parents told him that he was intended for a special purpose. They thought this because of certain marks on his head and chest, which seemed to be religiously connected to God. Turner considered himself a very smart man, he was able to read and write, without having recollection of studying the alphabet, thus, he knew he would be important in the years to come, and he was right. Turner had a quest for knowledge; he would try to make paper, gunpowder, and many other experiments, but had not perfected his experiments.

In his later years he met a slave named Will, who was determined to fight for his freedom. Will was only property to the slave owner, just a tool, and meant nothing to him, just like the other slaves. They agreed that they should commence at their home, the house of Mr. J. Travis. They gathered any type of force to combat the shackles of slavery in their community. Neither age nor sex was to be spared. The plan was to enter the home stealthily, and murder the slave owner’s family in their sleep. A slave named Hark got a ladder and set it against the chimney, which would be the entrance point for Turner. The plan was to first get the guns, which he did. After this, he entered his master’s chamber with Will. There was a baby that was forgotten for a wee moment, and Will and Henry returned to kill it. They were able to escape with four perfectly working rifles, and two old muskets.

After their accomplishment they gathered in the barn and planned out their next attack against Mr. Salathul Francis. Mr. Francis house was about 600 yards away. The key to getting him out of the house was by saying that there was a letter for him, which would make him get out of his bed and open the door. Once Mr. Francis opened the door, Turner and his accomplices got a hold of him and dragged him out of his house. They hit him a myriad amount of times on his head. This was the beginning of their sequence of attacks.

From their extraction point, they proceeded to Mrs. Reese's home, killing her son and her. From there they had gone to Mrs. Turner's house, where they killed Mrs. Newsome and Mrs. Turner. They searched the premises for ammunition and money. At this time Turners troops amounted to fifteen. They started another mission and killed Mr. Bryant, Mr. Whitehead, Miss Margaret, and Mrs. Whitehead. At the end of the mission all of the murderers were rejoined.

Here is a list of all the people killed by Nat Turner and his accomplices.

Joseph Travers and wife and three children,
Mrs. Elizabeth Turner,
Hartwell Prebles,
Sarah Newsome,
Mrs. P. Reese and son William,
Trajan Doyle,
Henry Bryant and wife and child, and wife's mother,
Mrs. Catherine Whitehead, son Richard and four daughters and grandchild,
Salathiel Francis,
Nathaniel Francis' overseer and two children,
John T. Barrow,
George Vaughan, Mrs. Levi Waller and ten children,
William Williams, wife and two boys,
Mrs. Caswell Worrell and child,
Mrs. Rebecca Vaughan,
Ann Eliza Vaughan, and son Arthur,
Mrs. John K. Williams and child,
Mrs. Jacob Williams and three children,
and Edwin Drury.

This all amounted to 55 enemy kills.

Nat Turner was charged with insurrection. Nat Turner pleaded not guilty to all charges. The court found him guilty.

" The judgement of court is, that you that u be taken hence to the jail from whence u came, thence to the place of execution, and on Friday next, between the hours of 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. be hung by the neck until you are dead! Dead! Dead! And may the lord have mercy upon your soul."



Figure 1 shows one of Nat Turners’ insurrections.

Insurrection- a rising up against established authority; rebellion; revolt


Nat Turner rebellion

    Nat Turner

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